Root Beers, Reviewed


Please take the time to rate your favourite and less-than-favourite root beers, leave your own review, and spread Root Beer Democracy!

Here you can read reviews of commercial and specialty root beers and leave your own rating and comments for the world to see.  Root beer is a complex beverage, and we feel that proper appreciation demands the same loving attention to detail given to fine wine.  Browse individual reviews in the menu to the left. Leave your mark on the world of root beer – contribute today!

The Reviews

Johnnie Ryan Root Beer205.59.5
Captain Electro's Intergalactic Root Beer246.98.5
Babbling Brooke's Root Beer008.0
Virgil's Micro Brewed Root Beer467.88.0
Bundaberg Root Beer344.88.0
Maine Root Root Beer86.97.5
IBC Root Beer277.17.5
Vintage Soda Rodeo Root Beer27.07.0
Brownie Root Beer126.97.0
River City Root Beer86.47.0
Hank's Gourmet Philidalphia Recipe Root Beer147.97.0
Shasta Root Beer96.17.0
Simple Root Beer Soda48.37.0
Saranac Root Beer56.87.0
Buc-ee's Root Beer76.77.0
Red Arrow Root Beer108.96.8
Real Brew Draft Root Beer107.16.5
Rat Bastard Root Beer55.06.2
The Pop Shoppe64.36.0
Mill St. Draft Root Beer35.76.0
Bedford's Root Beer65.06.0
Boylan Root Beer217.86.0
Blue Sky Creamy Root Beer86.06.0
Caribou Root Beer37.35.5
Trader Joe's Vintage Root Beer15.05.5
Way 2 Cool Root Beer15.05.0
Thomas Kemper Root Beer56.25.0
Sioux City Root Beer96.24.5
Stewart's Original Root Beer156.74.5
Mug Root Beer276.84.5
Dougie Dog Butterscotch Root Beer22.54.2
Cott's 43.54.0
Dr. Brown's Draft Style Root Beer36.74.0
Gold Rush Root Beer34.34.0
Henry Weinhard's Root Beer518.63.0
Gold Rush Buck Shot Root Beer43.03.0
Frostie Root Beer176.93.0
Zevia Ginger Root Beer72.02.5
Oogavé Root Beer37.02.0
Santa Cruz Organic Root Beer12.02.0
Teddy's Root Beer177.32.0
Jones Soda Root Beer113.62.0
Hansen's Root Beer55.02.0
Diet Stewart's33.01.0
Big 8 Root Beer62.50.5