GU Root Beer Energy Gel

Our Review: 0/10

Finally, long-distance runners can now get their mid-marathon root beer fix without that carbonated-beverage-bloated feeling!  GU Energy makes a root beer flavoured energy gel.  It’s a squishy 1 oz squeeze packet of sugar and electrolytes with 100 calories to keep you going through the race.

GU Energy Labs

Mitten Munch Trail Bars – Root Beer Float flavour

Our Review: 0/10

Have you ever wanted to bring the delicious taste of root beer with you on on a multi-day backcountry hike?  Me too!  Now there’s a product just for us: Mitten Munch trail bars.  According to the manufacturer’s website, Mitten Munch is…

The finest organic vanilla and spices make for a flavor that is truly one of a kind.  Packed with cashews, and almonds, chia seeds & organic golden Flax seed–this hearty bar is like a portable and delicious mug of your favorite root beer treat.


Buc-ee’s Root Beer

Our Review: 7.0/10
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Bought at a gas station outside of Houston, Texas

This caught my eye from a hundred miles away on the I-10 outside of Houston, a sign promised the world’s creamiest rootbeer.  After much anticipation I arrived at the Gas station monstrosity known as Buc-ee’s.

The disappointment was that the draught root beer was to be enjoyed from a fountain drink cup in what was a gas station convenience store atmosphere, no glass mug, no civilized place to sit.

The beer: I can vouch for their bold statement, this is in fact the creamiest rootbeer I have tasted in my travels. That said it may have gone too far. This beverage was formulated with that one goal in mind and it seems to have forgotten the essence of rootbeerness, which to me means the root and spice.  I did enjoy sipping through a medium head and the honey and of toasted caramel tones were unique and distinct. Carbonation was fountain injected.

Bottom line: This is a cream soda that has been colored brown.

Note: This root beer was tasted on Tryptamine’s great North American circuit during summer 2010.

Editor’s note: You can visit the Buc-ee’s gas station website at, where you will find all sorts of information that you would never normally associate with a gas bar.  I especially like their recipes, most of which involve adding a pound and a half of cream cheese to a jar of sauce.  Go Texas!