Big 8 Root Beer


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What a terrible root beer!  When we pulled this oversize plastic bottle from our root beer satchel, a coworker from Atlantic Canada earnestly tried to prevent us from drinking it.  “Big 8 is well known in Newfoundland for producing the worst soda on the market,” she informed us. And it was true. The root beer was flat, overly sweet, and had no pleasing flavours.  The rating system on this site does not allow us to give a zero, so we had to settle for some fraction of 1.

Big 8 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sobeys, a grocery chain in Canada.  Shame on them.

Big 8 Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2009-12-22T14:58:38-08:00 rating 0.5 out of 10

3 thoughts on “Big 8 Root Beer

  1. Shawn

    Personally, I believe that Rootbeer is delicious. I respect your opinion, but everyone has different taste preferences.

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  2. 902_Darkside_Friend

    My friend aint you never had Big8 that stuff is str8 gangsta, you need 2 try da grape

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  3. DJack

    “Well known in Newfoundland” Really? Seriously? Newfs sit around and discuss root beer? Every Newf I’ve ever know was never concerned with soda beyond ‘how does this taste mixed with rum?’. And given how rums taste alone, unless that soda is coke, the answer is gonna be ‘like cow p*ss’. To each there own. But I’m thrilled the Newf community has spoken loud and clear on this issue. Personally, it’s cheap, fresh and tasty. It’s not overly Carmelly like a&w and it doesn’t feel like battery acid like Barks. Just ducky.

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