Bulldog Root Beer


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I found this empty bottle of Bulldog underneath my bed today.  I don’t remember drinking it.  It must have consumed it late one night, smelling of booze, a little fuzzy-eyed, and then let the bottle drop there, unnoticed, until now.

I don’t recall anything about this root beer.  I don’t even recall drinking it.  Maybe I wrote something down, but it hasn’t surfaced yet.  If I knew where to buy another bottle, I would pick up another one and give it a fair review.  But considering how widely I roam to find these things, it could have been from anywhere.

So here’s my assessment: an excellent post-bar root beer.

One thought on “Bulldog Root Beer

  1. Ian

    Save-On has them in their “super special soda Pick Six” section, along with Brownie, Captain Electro’s, Virgil’s, and a couple others I don’t remember.

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