Dr. Brown’s Draft Style Root Beer

Dr. Brown's Draft Style Root Beer

Our Review: 4.0/10
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The slogan emblazoned on the Dr. Brown’s can says “blended for full-bodied flavour”.  We disagree.  This root beer has a canned, mass-produced taste, with no special spices or enlightening flavours.  It is smooth, very sweet, and lacks both acidity and creaminess.  Nevertheless, Dr. Brown’s goes down easy and doesn’t offend the pallett.  This could serve passably as a mixer root beer at a large party (root beer and whiskey, anyone?).

The can says that it is “bottled by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company”.  Pepsi may just be supplying a bottling service, but we suspect that this boring root beer is simply a mass-market Pepsi product with an old-fashioned logo.

Dr. Brown's Draft Style Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2009-09-17T19:22:10-08:00 rating 4.0 out of 10

3 thoughts on “Dr. Brown’s Draft Style Root Beer

  1. Molly

    Actually, Dr. Brown’s is a company that originated in New York City. The developer was a real doctor who first created “Cel-Ray”, a soda with celery in it, for kids. Thus, the New York City prints on the front. However, it could have been bought out by Pepsi. I personally think it is acidic enough, but there isn’t enough flavor, especially in terms of vanilla.

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