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An uninspired attempt to amalgamate cotton candy and root beer.” — Rasputin

In case you’re not familiar with Jones Soda, they are that hipster soda company that made unique craft soda popular by afixing unique photos to their labels and writing witty quips on the bottle.  Jones Soda is kind of like a hipster who was the first kid in town to wear skinny jeans, but then failed to notice that everyone else was wearing them, and that they looked better too.

The root beer smells identical to those gummy artificial root beer candies, which is either a complement to the candy manufacturer or an insult to Jones, depending on your opinion.  The flavour is simple and very sweet, with an aftertaste of cheap gumball.  Jones is unique in one way: after swallowing, it leaves the unmistakable feeling that someone has sprayed a sticky layer of aerosol rootbeer mist into your mouth.  We imagine that if Wal-Mart sold a store-brand soda (and I’m sure they do, although I really don’t care to check), that their cheapest diet cola would taste something like Jones Soda Root Beer.

Sorry Jones, but you can’t fool us into thinking your soda tastes good just because you put a frog or a Model T or a snowboarder on the label!

Jones Soda Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2009-04-20T02:44:34-08:00 rating 2.0 out of 10

19 thoughts on “Jones Soda Root Beer

  1. joel

    i disagree i think this is a great taste, cotten candy is the way to explain it.

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  2. Yates

    Tastes like something a soft drink company would make just to have a root beer flavor.

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  3. Patrick

    This is one of the best rootbeers I have tried. This article and the author is clueless about how a quality rootbeer should taste. Disreguard this article and author as a rootbeer expert. JONES ROOTBEER is by far a TOP 3 Choice!

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    • Buggs

      I agree with you. I really liked this root beer brand and the only reason I switched was because I suspected they had GMO sugar cane. Other than that, I loved this root beer. Guess you can’t please everyone which is why the variety is so nice.

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  4. Wonk

    One of the worst. Truly atrocious, especially for the slighty above-average price.

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  5. Chase

    It tastes good just not like a traditional root beer. The author here is clearly biased. He spends more time talking about how much he hates Jones and hipsters than about the taste of the root beer.

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  6. larry

    Tastes way too much like super sugar — made from one of those root beer barrel candies. Highly carbonated. Also made me sneeze seven times after drinking about 8 ounces. Could be MSG or similar. Did not specify what the “natural flavors” are.

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  7. I love this stuff. The first time I had it was at a by the slice Pizza place with a nice bar in it and they had it in a near frozen state, still liquid but with ice crystals. I just asked for root beer and it is what they gave me. And let me tell you how glad I am.

    This is one of the better root beers I’ve had. Reading the review and some of the comments I think some of you are confused. Jones ROOT BEER does NOT taste like cotton candy. Jones CREAM SODA tastes just like liquid cotton candy, and I like it for that reason, but the root beer tastes like root beer, without a hint of cotton candy.

    If you are going to bash Item A because it tastes like substance C make sure you are not drinking Item B.

    I don’t really care how hipster a company is, or what is on the bottle, I care about the product; and this is a great root beer!

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  8. John

    Jones doesn’t seem to have much “character,” nothing really to distinguish it from any other root beers. No strong bite, no strong anise flavor, no hint of cinnamon. Honestly, it’s not even as good as Barq’s.

    Sorry, Jones folks — you can do better.

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  9. Dr. Corndog

    I was surprised at how dull this tasted. It really tasted more like a weak cola than root beer. And to think Jones has such a good reputation. Some of their fruity sodas are good, at least.

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  10. Root Beer Aficionado

    Imagine if this was the first root beer that someone had ever tasted. It would be truly tragic if they never tried another root beer again after testing how terrible Jones root beer tastes. It smells terrible, like vitamins and raisins, and it tastes exactly like raisins. 0 out of 10 stars. You could do better, Jones. Our dog wouldn’t even drink it. Worst root beer ever! Don’t waste your money on an overpriced crappy tasting root beer.

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  11. A REAL root beer aficionado

    You obviously know nothing of good soda. Easily the best root beer I have to date tasted with the SOUL exception of the fresh from the tap stuff you can get from the A&W chain. Everyone here who attempts to suck up to you is clearly an idiot. This root beer has that sweet, smooth, laid-back classic flavor as it’s start, with just the perfect amount of carbonation, but it finishes with what I can only call a “woody” bite. It tastes very natural, it has a rich sharp bite with none of the bitterness or loss of texture that is the provenance of so many other much bigger brands, it is very much at home in a glass bottle. Overall you just want to pour it in a mug and chase a good burger with it.

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  12. Josie

    I don’t know if it was this batch but it was barely carbonated, weak taste and very sweet. Not impressed.

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  13. ellis mellinger

    To those who hated Jones Root Beer. What do you consider to be a top quality root beer. I thought this to be excellent.

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  14. Donald Frazier

    I fell in love with it years ago and have an impossible time finding it now. Strong rich root beer taste with some secret twist. The best root beer I’ve had but many left to try in life.

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