Oogavé Root Beer


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The warning signs for Oogavé were very clear from the start.  “Organic”, the label proclaims.  “Purified water” is the first ingredient.  On the side is a laundry list of qualifications: Gluten free, low glycemic, caffeine free, vegan.  Of course, those are all true of practically every root beer, but who cares?  This one comes in a chic transparent bottle that looks oh-so-svelte when lined up next to the other sodas in the lineup with different label hues.

The sugar source is organic agave nectar, but the flavours are all added as chemicals.  In fact, besides water, there are no root beer ingredients at all.  This root beer is visibly different than others, with a relatively transparent colouration that suggests “thin and forgettable”.  Indeed, it tastes like heavily flavoured tap water, albeit fizzy.  One advantage of the thin flavour is the relatively light sugar content.  At only 100 calories, you might be able to drink these often and not stretch your yoga pants too thin.

Really, though, this is one of the worst I’ve ever had. Like a low-calorie soda stream knockoff bitter water.  Yucky.


Oogavé Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2015-02-23T22:08:48-08:00 rating 2.0 out of 10

One thought on “Oogavé Root Beer

  1. Mike

    This one is absolutely putrid. It’s like sucking on a lemon and then licking a wet and moldy cardboard box. What a sorry excuse for a root beer.

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