River City Root Beer


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River City Root Beer is a classic – made by root beer people for the root beer crowd, with little awareness of the flash-pow marketing normally coupled with soda sales.  The front of the label is laughably bad (I suspect it was made in Microsoft Office 2000 using clip art), but the back has an adorable iconographic set of instructions for making a root beer float.

The flavour is robust, but not particularly complex.  It has a classic flavour profile, and does not attempt to gussy it up with the newfangled concepts of the designer soda world.  I agree that it would be great for a root beer float — old fashioned and to the point.  My dad would appreciate this root beer.

Bought in Portland, Oregon, USA.  www.bluedogbeverage.com

River City Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2015-02-23T22:30:37-08:00 rating 7.0 out of 10

2 thoughts on “River City Root Beer

  1. pj

    Aristophanes: Did you taste the label? Really not sure what the label artwork has to do with your impression of the root-beer itself. Your dad have a certain root-beer flavor he prefers? Could you be a little more specific about these ‘newfangled concepts?’ What would be the FLAVOR, TASTE, ETC of this root-beer? Wintergreen? Sassafras perhaps?

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  2. KnyteOwl

    I’ve said that I doubt that this reviewer is an expert, that he is often condescending, occasionally even offensive, and has an obvious bias towards obscure and expensive gourmet products not widely known in, or available to his average reader. I point to this review as exhibit A of his ineptitude. Product presentation may be somewhat relevant to how well it sells, but little else. No one knows or cares what his dad’s root beer standards are, so that’s useless information included for no reason, but we can be thankful that at least he got through a review without throwing out his favorite word “cloying” at least once. For the 10 leaders of this review who actually have access to this product, did it really help you decide whether this root beer would be worth you money to try? Yet another biased, useless joke of a review!

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