Bear ‘N Beaver Root Beer


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Bear ‘N Beaver… So Canadian, OR SO IT SEEMS!  But to bears and beavers really hang out together?  NO!  And if they did, would they do it over top of a brown-tone Union Jack?  NO!  Does it matter?  Not really… the label is actually pretty nice.

On the clear side (fairly transparent).  Rootbeery nose with no other obvious tones.  Taste is surprisingly effervescent, despite it having few bubbles in the glass.  The description on the bottle claims it’s the “ceramist recipe”, but I disagree — it’s more on the acidic side.  They added yucca root extract to make it more “authentic,” whatever that means.

This root beer is made in White Rock, BC, Canada, by a company called “Double D Beverage”.

Bear 'N Beaver Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2018-10-28T19:51:58-08:00 rating 6.5 out of 10

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