Bedford’s Root Beer


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Bedford’s is one of those cool, “micro-brew” sort of root beers with lots of personality.  It’s in a cool old-fashioned bottle, and strives to be very “local”.  Unfortunately, the ingredients do not match the marketing.  It’s just water, “color” and “flavors”, although there is a bit of “quillaia”, which grants it a bit of street cred.  There is liquorice on the nose, and it has a pleasing aftertaste that doesn’t linger.  Other than that, it’s pretty generic – not surprising considering the ingredients.

This is a dessert root beer – creamy and sweet.

This root beer was purchased on the Coho ferry from Victoria, BC, Canada to Port Angeles, Washington, USA.

Bedford's Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2014-07-20T11:42:10-08:00 rating 6.0 out of 10

4 thoughts on “Bedford’s Root Beer

  1. River Powell

    Hi, thank you for posting the Bedford’s review. I recently tried this root beer and really enjoyed the liquorice nose. Could you recommend any other root beers that have a similar taste feature. Thank you, River Powell

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  2. Eddie Hagler

    I found this root beer quite different from the normal Root Beers out there. The moderate carbonation fizzed under an almost unpleasant margariney overtone. The aftertaste turned it almost bitter with a sweet background. It was almost an unpleasant experience.

    It is definitely not a refreshing drink. IT does far better as a rootbeer float. the lack of sweetness is a good match for the sweetness of ice cream. The finish becomes creamy with a muted aftertaste welcoming another sip.

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  3. bedford’s is a little different tasting. I have been drinking it on and off for over a decade now. I would say the root beer is tasty, not necessarily something I would consider refreshing, or something I would wash down a hamburger with, it’s more a beverage to enjoy on its own. However, I know this is a root beer review website, I must they ginger ale and ginger beer by bedford’s is fantastic.

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  4. We have been in Doc’s Marina Grill in Port Townsend. There, I had one of the best tasting RootBeer to me. It was a Bedford’s! It wasn’t that sweet, but soft and creamy. Together with the rockfish, black rise with asparagus, it tasted not to bold but had a little vanilla and liquorice to it. I have to admit, I live in Switzerland and there is not so much Root Beer around here. But we are every year in the states, so there is the chance for some experience 😉

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