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Brownie Carmel Cream Root Beer is a surprising root beer.  The label is decidedly retro (and strangely features a Seussical elf).  Like many root beers I have tried, this one comes from the American Pacific Northwest — the unlikely hotbed of innovative root beers these days it seems.

Brownie has the scent of vanilla, a bit of liquorice, and a whole lot of caramel.  One slurp and the caramel flavour slams your tastebuds like someone has just fired a Super Soaker filled with liquid candy at point blank at your soft palate.  It’s totally unexpected.  I mean, sure, the word “caramel” is in the title, but it’s little more than a subtitle, barely readable, really.  It should be featured in 3D.  The caramel flavour lasts long after you swallow, with one of the most powerful aftertastes I have experienced. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have a cloying aftertaste, though, making the experience more interesting than yucky.  It is very smooth and creamy.

Overall, Brownie is one of my favourite flavoured root beers.  It is like root beer crème brûlée, and would make an excellent dessert after a multi-course French meal.

This root beer was purchased in Tofino, BC, Canada.

Brownie Root Beer, reviewed by Dorothy Zbornak on 2015-02-23T21:56:25+00:00 rating 7.0 out of 10

11 thoughts on “Brownie Root Beer

  1. Kid at heart

    I like Brownie, but I love caramel and cream sodas. I am not crazy about root beers that have licorice or anise. This one is creamy and sweet.

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    • KnyteOwl

      Then you should stop drinking root beer immediately because both anise and licorice are common ingredients in almost all traditional root beer recipes. The problem with caramel cream root beers is that caramel flavor is so dominant that it’s difficult to balance against the spiciness and earthiness that you expect from root beer, so the ‘root beer flavor’ usually gets drowned out.

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  2. Von

    I wish they’d make ones without caramel cream so I can taste their regular root beer. Aside from that, despite me not liking creamy sodas, this one is something I might try again some other time.

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  3. Donald Frazier

    Terrible. Tasted like someone put some melted caramel and margarine in a bottle of flat weak barely root beer.

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  4. Tripps Malone

    This is not originally from the Pacific Northwest. It is from Hamtramck Michigan and was brewed and bottled from 1929 until 1996. The best root beer, low carbonation creamy/caramel taste. Nothing compares. Any storefronts in Michigan still sell this?

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  5. Mark G

    Fantastic root beer. Surprising and innovative. I was so pleasantly refreshed by this unique take on root beer… and I’m a traditionalist.

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  6. John T

    Love this root beer, one of my favorites. A really different and distinctive taste. Maybe you love it or hate it, but we love it. Our local ShopKo stores carried it last summer and I made sure to empty their shelves of it whenever I saw it stocked. My reserves are now running low and I’m panicked over finding another supplier. This is $4 a bottle with shipping online, which is a bit too much.

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  7. John Murphy

    I picked up one of these at my local Safeway for .99. This is the best I have had. I do have a sweet tooth and this root beer satisfies it! Wonderful caramel taste, carbonation on the lower side…excellent!

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