Buc-ee’s Root Beer


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Bought at a gas station outside of Houston, Texas

This caught my eye from a hundred miles away on the I-10 outside of Houston, a sign promised the world’s creamiest rootbeer.  After much anticipation I arrived at the Gas station monstrosity known as Buc-ee’s.

The disappointment was that the draught root beer was to be enjoyed from a fountain drink cup in what was a gas station convenience store atmosphere, no glass mug, no civilized place to sit.

The beer: I can vouch for their bold statement, this is in fact the creamiest rootbeer I have tasted in my travels. That said it may have gone too far. This beverage was formulated with that one goal in mind and it seems to have forgotten the essence of rootbeerness, which to me means the root and spice.  I did enjoy sipping through a medium head and the honey and of toasted caramel tones were unique and distinct. Carbonation was fountain injected.

Bottom line: This is a cream soda that has been colored brown.

Note: This root beer was tasted on Tryptamine’s great North American circuit during summer 2010.

Editor’s note: You can visit the Buc-ee’s gas station website at http://buc-ees.com/, where you will find all sorts of information that you would never normally associate with a gas bar.  I especially like their recipes, most of which involve adding a pound and a half of cream cheese to a jar of sauce.  Go Texas!

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6 thoughts on “Buc-ee’s Root Beer

  1. Laura C (Houston native)

    Buc-ee’s is fantastic. Addicting “beaver nuggets” (kind of like sugary capt crunch), FULL deli style homemade beef jerky counter and awesome homemade root beer.

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  2. Laura C (Houston native)

    One more thing. Buc-ee’s is no ordinary gas station or bar as you say. It has continuously cleaned marble bathrooms for weary travelers. Tons of shiny clean bathrooms. Huge line of fountain drinks. Miles of candy rows. Who cares about a mug?

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    • KnyteOwl

      This guy’s reviews are a waste of time. Aristophanes is not a fair reviewer. He routinely forgets that true root beer is rare. The vast majority of root beers available are mass-produced root beer-flavored colas, and not true root beer. He has an obvious bias for obscure, expensive, gourmet products which are not widely known, available, or affordable to a large majority of his readers. I’m not implying that he shouldn’t review such products, but I think he does his audience a disservice by over focusing on them while ignoring, and thumbing his nose at common, widely available brands.

      I’ve also come across bits in several of his reviews which implied that he’s not as knowledgeable as he fancies himself, and others where he comes across as quite snobbish, and condescending towards us poor ignorant peasants who consume mass produced root beers, and occasionally even becomes offensive with the smug and snarky tone he so often adopts when he reviews mass-produced brands. For me, he has no credibility, and since he seems to be the site’s only reviewer, and you get no diversity of opinion, it discredits the entire site.

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  3. John

    I tried Buc-ee’s root beer a few years back when driving from Houston to Austin. The creaminess was just too much for me: I had to stop drinking.

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  4. Norris Bryan

    Would like to know how they claim this is the original recipe. I didn’t know they had high fructose corn syrup in the 30’s. It would be a better product if they would just eliminate it.

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  5. Lilly Saldana

    I bought the buc-ees root beer because it had imperial sugar. So I assume that’s what you use as a sweetener. But is it caffeine free?

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