Burlington Ribfest 2009


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Field Trip Report – Gold Rush Soda Company

Burlington Ribfest 2009

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

The Gold Rush Soda Company was one of many exhibitors selling delicious refreshments at the Burlington Ribfest.  Remarkably, Gold Rush was the only outfit selling root beer, despite the crowd’s apparent enthusiasm for imbibing draft beverages.  Gold Rush was set up to dispense several types of “craft” soda, but their two root beers immediately caught our attention – the classic Gold Rush Root Beer and the more artisanal Buck Shot Root Beer.

We were immediately entranced by Gold Rush’s unique tin mugs, branded “Burlington Ribfest 2009”, which we were required to purchase in order to try the soda.  Upon careful inspection, we were amused to discover that the “2009” was actually a sticker covering up “2008”.  Perhaps they got a bulk discount in 2008 and ordered a two-year supply?  The mugs came full of ice, so they were pleasingly frosty and cold.  We were even granted the privilege of dispensing our own root beer from the cute barrel facade.

Unfortunately, the root beer itself did not equal the experience of buying it.  The root beers were both simple, syrupy concoctions with no zing.  Read the review of Gold Rush Root Beer and Gold Rush Buck Shot Root Beer for a more in-depth description.

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