Dougie Dog Butterscotch Root Beer


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A butterscotch root beer sounds suspicious.  The essence of root beer is: spices; green forests; surprises; back porches.  The essence of butterscotch is: sticky puddings; warm rum drinks; cuddles.  I cannot see those two lists intersecting.

The root beer smells strongly of butterscotch.  It tastes like a melted caramel candy mixed with melted butter substitute with a squirt of rootbeer-flavoured syrup.  The root beer flavour is not complex – it’s more of an add-in, as if they thought you can make a drink “root beer” by pouring in a bit of flavouring.

The butterscotch detracts from the root beer experience.  Never mess with a classic!  That being said, it is an original combination, and we won’t hit them too hard for living on the edge.  Paired with a juicy hot dog, and needing a sweet and sticky dessert… why not?  The drink of a connoisseur?  Definitely not.

Dougie Dog is a food truck started in Vancouver, B.C., but branching out with locations (i.e. hotdog stands) across the lower mainland.

Dougie Dog Butterscotch Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2013-08-23T21:54:44-08:00 rating 4.2 out of 10

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