Fentiman’s Old English Root Beer


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Finally, after a years-long dry spell, I have found a root beer that has surprised and delighted me. I admit I was skeptical at first. Since when has Old England been associated with root beer? In what way is it “Traditional?” Why is there a cute dog on the neck label? But once I tasted it, I stopped caring about these minor details.

The label says the beverage is “botanically brewed,” which I usually interpret as marketing drivel, but in this case seems to be genuinely true. A glance of the ingredient list shows that it does indeed contain a variety of real ingredients, including fermented ginger extract, sarsaparilla, dandelion root, burdock root, and even pear juice extract. The flavour doesn’t disappoint, with clear notes of anise, and a hint of clove and pear. The blend is not the same as a traditional American root beer, which is delightful for someone who has tasted too many business-as-usual brews.

I also like the bottle. It is smaller than usual, at 275 mL, which is good in my opinion. It has a no-nonsense screw cap instead of the fussy bottle cap favoured by most boutique brands. It has the words botanically brewed embossed in the glass.

It is indeed a product of the UK.


Reviewed in London, ON 2019-12-26

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