Frostop Premium Root Beer


Our Review: 6.5/10
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A friend of mine picked up this root beer at a local gas station.  I can imagine it now: between the vacuum-packed beef jerky and cigarette wrapping papers, a mildewed refrigerator with enormous bottles of soda and energy drinks, and this gem hiding in the back.  Thanks Erik for your sharp eye.

Anyways, enough about gas stations — let’s talk about Frostop.  It’s decent root beer with a traditional taste, nothing remarkable.  However, the stability of the foam is rather remarkable for a root beer, with a long-lasting dense head like Guinness.  A shame, really, since I don’t imagine the road warriors who normally buy it from the gas station carry a chilled glass with them, and so I suspect this feature goes largely unnoticed.

The jumbo size is obviously too big for one person (I shared it with a friend over about an hour), and the squooshy plastic bottle is rather downmarket, but I suppose what can you expect for a product sold in a gas station?  All in all, a decent brew, with an extra point for the foaminess.

Frostop Premium Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2018-03-24T11:11:29-08:00 rating 6.5 out of 10

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