Root Beer Resources

Cray for Root Beer
A charming story of a man and his daughter who are both “cray” for root beer. They travel around seeking new root beers and review them together.

Anthony’s Root Beer Barrel
This review website covers root beer, birch beer, sarsaparilla and a few other types of soda. It has an extensive database and an impressive attempt to catalogue where you can buy each type of root beer in the USA. Anthony is a true aficionado.

Mike Likes Root Beer
This blog is run by Mike Rastiello, who just really seems to like root beer.  His choices do raise a few eyebrows, but root beer preferences are a deeply personal thing, so who are we to judge?

Root Beer World
A world of root beer resources. Contains a weath of information, including brewing information, a history, and a database of over 2500 root beers.

Chi-An Chien’s Root Beer Reviews
This delightful little website begins by outlining the methodology for reviewing root beers, then gives descriptions and ratings of several dozen varieties.  The verdict?  IBC, Hank’s, Stewart’s and Sioux City Sarsaparilla are the favourites.
This bizarre but hilarious website is dedicated to uncovering the evils of “corporate root beer”, and includes shocking tell-all stories about the root beer industry, and even two music videos dedicated to root beer.  The site is plainly maintained by the makers of Maine Root Root Beer.

Cosmo’s Root Beer Reviews
This sassy root beer review blog reviews nearly 100 different root beers. The author clearly dedicates substantial amounts of his personal time to finding a consuming obscure root beer. The reviews are not easy to search, given the site’s blog format, but they are thorough and entertaining.


Online Stores
A large and professional online retailer of beverages. They sell several dozen brands of root beer from both large and small manufacturers. They only ship to the continental U.S.A., and shipping charges will approximately double the cost of your order.
This hilariously out-of-date website is the web portal for a Scotsdale, Arizona retailer of sodas.  They offer 60 varieties of root beers, and they ship internationally.
Another online soda store, based in Los Angeles.

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