Mill St. Draft Root Beer


Our Review: 6.0/10
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Mill St. is an award-winning microbrewery in Toronto, Canada.  Fortunately for us all, they also produce draft root beer.  Mill St. Draft Root Beer is served in a very cold ice-filled glass.  I love ice-filled glasses of root beer – they are a weakness of mine.  The root beer is not very carbonated, which is a common complaint of home-made brews, but it does have a sharp and deeply satisfying flavour.  It is not very complex, however, which suggests that the master brewer is not terribly concerned with the uniqueness of the product.

The Mill St. Brewery is located in the Distillery District in Toronto, Canada and is well worth your time.  Visit their website at

Mill St. Draft Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2010-01-04T15:56:42-08:00 rating 6.0 out of 10

5 thoughts on “Mill St. Draft Root Beer

  1. Ann

    I respectfully disagree with this review. This root beer is carbonated enough for my tastes, as I personally don’t like harsh, extremely carbonated root beer. I wouldn’t describe this root beer as “sharp” either. It has a flavor almost like anise and is very smooth. Definitely one of my favorites.

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  2. Shaun

    I’m looking forward to trying this today actually. And, to follow up with Ann’s comment above me. Anise is a VERY common ingredient in root beers. I would hope to be able to taste it lol.

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  3. The Root Beer Bandit

    Let me start off by stating I’m a huge fan of Mill Street and that I tried their Distillery root beer bottled not on draft, That being said I found it somewhat below par from what I have come to expect from both Mill street and from Hard root beer.

    The taste: The first thing I notice with the “Mill Street Root Beer” is its strong vanilla taste, a crucial element to hard root beer, however that’s all I taste frankly. in the end it seams to be lacking that classic root beer bite or most likely a strong dose of sassafras.

    The carbonation: Carbonation in a huge component of any hard root beer and without that sharp carbonation bite found in most typical hard root beers every sip of the “Mill street root beer” left something to be desired.

    Non- alcoholic comparable: A&W root beer

    The verdict: The “Mill street root Beer” fell flat in all regards. The porter from Toronto’s number one craft brewer was lackluster to say the least, overall I give it a 5.5 out of 10 a true middle of pack root beer porter.

    *Disclaimer: there may still be hope for the “Mill Street Root Beer” seeing as most Mill street products in bottled or canned form fall short of their draft counterparts, but as far as the bottles go steer clear for now.

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  4. KnyteOwl

    Dear Lord, I don’t know why I go on reading this guy’s reviews. Aristophanes might as well break out his mini skirt and pom poms. This is less of a review, and more of an advertisement. Mill Street Brewery may consider posting hard copies of this review as flyers. Though not to imply that he shouldn’t review gourmet/hard root beers, his eagerness to review them while ignoring widely available brands like A&W, Barq’s, Dad’s, Stubborn, Fanta, Faygo, Damn Good, Coney Island, and Not Your Father’s (among MANY others, these are just the easy ones I can pull off the top of my head) only reveals his already painfully obvious bias towards obscure and expensive gourmet/high end brands the majority of his average readers most likely won’t be able to find or afford, but also turns the site into an echo chamber for affluent and like-minded aficionados. This reviewer is an expert like I’m a realtor with prime beachfront property for sale in Montana. His snobbery towards mass produced brands, and condescension towards the poor ignorant peasants who consume them cascades off his reviews like a waterfall. Utterly pathetic. . .

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