Royal Root Beer Extract


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We received this root beer extract pre-made as a Christmas present in a reused Grolsch beer bottle.  While we did not have the chance to make the root beer ourselves, we did get to taste it after about a month of aging.  It was christened “Kim’s Custom Root Beer”, after Rasputin’s girlfriend’s mother.

Royal apparently uses all-natural ingredients, the consequence of which, as usual, is a rather thin, tinny flavour.  It is, however, quite refreshing and would lend itself to mass-quantity consumption.  This would make a good picnic root beer.

We were unable to locate a photo or website for Royal Root Beer Extract.  If you have more information, please email us!

Royal Root Beer Extract, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2010-02-04T10:09:17+00:00 rating 6.5 out of 10

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