Royal Root Beer Extract


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We received this root beer extract pre-made as a Christmas present in a reused Grolsch beer bottle.  While we did not have the chance to make the root beer ourselves, we did get to taste it after about a month of aging.  It was christened “Kim’s Custom Root Beer”, after Rasputin’s girlfriend’s mother.

Royal apparently uses all-natural ingredients, the consequence of which, as usual, is a rather thin, tinny flavour.  It is, however, quite refreshing and would lend itself to mass-quantity consumption.  This would make a good picnic root beer.

We were unable to locate a photo or website for Royal Root Beer Extract.  If you have more information, please email us!

Royal Root Beer Extract, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2010-02-04T10:09:17-08:00 rating 6.5 out of 10

2 thoughts on “Royal Root Beer Extract

  1. Darlene

    years later…..July 30, 2019
    Yesterday, our local wine store told us to bottle immediately after mixing, and store for 7 days in approximately 80F/25-26C, no hotter. On the 7th day check the bottles to ensure when squeezed they are tight (fermented). If tight, put directly in fridge. DO NOT store at room temp after 7 days as they will continue to ferment and could explode. This is the information we were given.
    The only info our local wine store could find on Royal Root beer was on the back of the bottle.
    Hope this helps.

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