Saranac Root Beer


Our Review: 7.0/10
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Saranac is an above-average all-around good root beer.  The pour is striking, with a stable foam even after a few minutes.  The aroma is dry, dusty, and spicy.  The aroma is misleading, however – the flavour is actually quite full, creamy, and traditional, with no surprises.  It’s very smooth and exemplifies a high-quality no-nonesense root beer, like A&W.  This is an all-50-states type of beverage – nobody will be offended or surprised.

We recommend Saranac as a snack or dessert root beer.

Saranac Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2009-06-24T01:43:53-08:00 rating 7.0 out of 10

8 thoughts on “Saranac Root Beer

  1. Lassie

    I buy the diet version and it is VERY good, even better than the regular. Much smoother and sweeter than A&W or any ordinary cheap root beer. I’ve tried about 20 different root beers from the major brands to the made-in-a-pail-in-the-backyard, Saranac is the best so far.

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  2. the kid

    born and bred with a&w root beer..but after trying saranc recently i beleive i will never enjoy any other root beer. in my book its the best!

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  3. Larry

    Grew up with Saranac. First root beer I ever had, and its still the best. Tastes like root beer should, no extra crap. Best pure root beer out there.

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  4. Bob

    I just got my diet saranac delivered from amazon after reading all the great comments I was looking forward to something special I was disappointed I sipped it and looked up at my wife and said wimpy ahe agreed it didn’t nave that big root beer taste I was looking for I had to keep looking at the label to make sure it was actually drinking a&aw diet and barqus diet are much better

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