Simple Root Beer Soda


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This root beer was bought at a Choices Market, a small chain of grocery stores in British Columbia that solicits business from the young affluent urban crowd.  To my surprise, it carried a root beer I had never seen before from Simple Beverages.  Despite the store’s all-natural image and the slogan “it’s not just what you put in your body, but…” emblazoned on the label, the root beer has only artificial ingredients.  The bottle has a trendy tartan design and a black cap – perfect for accessorizing alongside your new jeggings or murse.

I was fully prepared for a terrible root beer experience in Simple Soda, but to my astonishment it was actually quite excellent.  It has a strong root beer flavour, and the perfect level of creaminess.  Each sip tickles the tongue with a sharp, slightly ionized and acidic bite.  It is sweet, but bearably so, and has flavours of brine and vanilla, with cream soda undertones.  I recommend buying a 6-pack of Simple Soda if you ever encounter it.

Simple Root Beer Soda, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2011-07-20T01:47:26-08:00 rating 7.0 out of 10

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