Sioux City Root Beer


Our Review: 4.5/10
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Sioux City is a rather unremarkable, easy-drinking root beer.  It is highly carbonated, has a simple root beer flavour, is very sweet, and has no aftertaste.  It’s drinkable by the litre (that’s about a quart, to those still using medieval units).  Like many root beers, the label is printed to look old-timey, recalling a bygone era of saloons and boot-spurs, which, really, is out of place for a beverage popularized after that era had closed.  It has a full-colour mass-produced printed label and artificial ingredients.  Who are they fooling?

Did we mention that Sioux City is “highly carbonated”?  The explosive effervescence melds with the unremarkable flavour to produce the equivalent of a firework that fires, but then fizzles.  It’s not terrible.  Just don’t expect a show.

We bought this root beer along with several others in a Portland Fred Meyer store.

Sioux City Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2014-07-20T11:31:56-08:00 rating 4.5 out of 10

3 thoughts on “Sioux City Root Beer

  1. John

    Found this on sale in HomeGoods of all places. $4 for 4; couldn’t pass it up. Not my favorite, but overall, not bad. Hard to compare these things exactly, but ranks with IBC in my opinion: not the best thing on the planet, but better than most.

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    • KnyteOwl

      I mostly disagree. Although not an altogether terrible root beer, I see Sioux City as a mass produced, root beer flavored cola masquerading in glass bottles as a premium. If not for being sold in glass bottles, they would be in the store brand league with brands like Fanta, Cott’s, and Faygo. I would rate Stewart’s (barely), Dad’s, Frostie, and IBC as being superior in terms of taste, although a couple of these (Stewart’s and Dad’s) aren’t entirely fair comparisons since they don’t compete in the same price range.

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  2. Drew

    Overwhelming licorice flavor. Licorice is ok when in moderation but not this. Anyhow it is widely sold @ reasonable prices and I still have a bottle now and then.

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