Stewart’s Original Root Beer

Stewart's Original Root Beer

Our Review: 4.5/10
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This root beer tastes like a cheap restaurant fountain drink.  It has a slightly creamy tang and an acidic kick.  It does not have any spiciness or other interesting flavours, although it does have a pleasing chocolate aroma. The high level of carbonation and less-than-pleasing taste remind us of a cheap canned root beer, a far cry from the quality “fountain classic” it is marketed as.

Stewart's Original Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2008-12-03T23:18:19-08:00 rating 4.5 out of 10

10 thoughts on “Stewart’s Original Root Beer

  1. brad

    I like this and hanks. Stewarts doesnt stand out because it nails The ideal root beer flavor like coke nails cola. Everthing is generic but balanced. This has a thirst quenching bite and smells great. I prefer high carbination so i am biased. Its so good and has tasted the same for ever. This is the standard root beer flavor if their ever was one and thats ok.

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  2. Von

    High carbonation means more refreshing. It’s as good as some of the unique ones. Only 38 grams of sugar compared to the common 42 or more grams. 8/10

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  3. Burton Wright. Jr.

    Can only get Stewart’s root beer at Cracker Barrel when we go eat there. Has a good taste to it.

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  4. Linda

    Awesome root beer. Wish l can find it by the case or even six pack other than one bottle at a price $1.99 in grocery store . I’m sure there are enough in Muskoka to support stocking it.

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  5. Joe Sandoli

    I have been a consumer for more than 20 years. I have always enjoyed the taste of Stewart’s Root Beer & Black Cherry. I recently had a bottle of Root Beer and it did not have the same sweet taste I had come to expect. I don’t know if the formula has changed but it definitely is not the same anymore. If Stewart’s did change the formula they have ruined a great soda. As a result I will no longer be purchasing Stewart’s Root Beer. Sometimes companies should just leave a good thing alone !!!!!!

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