Vintage Soda Rodeo Root Beer


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***Note: This root beer used to be called Beaver Soda Retro Root Beer.  It changed its name some time 2010-2011, and it has not been re-reviewed, but barring any formula changes it should be the same.  We at RBR regret the loss of such a creatively-named soda.***

Vintage Soda Rodeo Root Beer is one of few truly unique root beers, with no comparable product on the market.  It is very light and herby, with an aroma of mint, cinnamon, roots, and (strangely) Jagermeister liquor.  It has a fresh, tinny flavour and no aftertaste.  It seems as if the manufacturer has chosen to simulate root beer flavour by blending herbs and spices rather than use the traditional flavouring agent (the ubiquitous “artificial flavour”). According to the ingredients list, the flavour is composed of vanilla, corriander, clove, and chicory root.  Rodeo Root Beer both looks and tastes like an energy drink, which, according to their website, is what the manufacturer intended.  This root beer would be perfect just before an extreme sport, and it would also make an excellent marinading root beer.

This is a 100% Canadian root beer, made in Surry, B.C.  Check out their website at

Vintage Soda Rodeo Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2009-06-24T01:51:21-08:00 rating 7.0 out of 10

4 thoughts on “Vintage Soda Rodeo Root Beer

  1. Patrick

    I can’t find it online for sale. can anyone help me find a supplier ?

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  2. conor

    depends on where you live, I only know that Atlantic super store USED to sell them and i haven’t been able to find them since.

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  3. Aristophonese

    This root beer has been renamed! It seems to now be called Vintage Soda Rodeo Root Beer. Maybe you’ll have more luck with that!

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  4. robert Flannery

    as I read reviews RBR seems to be not so much a reveiwer of root beers but an advocate for this rootbeer and a discriber of how other rootbeers don’t taste… Rootbeer is supposed to taste like rootbeer not Jagermeister reveiwing Rootbeers is a needed service it is important and should done tactfully take a note from the beeradvocate Beer community dedicated to supporting and promoting beer through education and appreciation

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