Zevia Ginger Root Beer


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This root beer can only be described as unique.  I appreciate what they were trying to do.  After all, ginger beer and root beer are both excellent – why not combine the two?  Unfortunately, this result falls flat.  The colour is alarmingly light, which betrays the thin taste.  It has the aroma of a root beer cask cleaned with Fantastic bleach cleaner.  The fierce and nimble taste of ginger is completely absent, but except in the aftertaste.  In fact, this soda has no flavour to speak of at all.  If you plug your nose, you can’t taste anything – not even sweetness.  Try it, I’m serious!

Like many new root beers, this one takes the “All Natural” approach.  Bafflingly, it also has no calories – it’s sweetened with “stevia”, which is some mysterious compound that is chemically extracted from plants using sophisticated chemical engineering techniques.  Do you know what’s more natural than that? Sugar.  Most concerning for me is that the can lists the “medicinal ingredients”, as if it were some sort of cure-all tonic or post-workout protein supplement.  My advice: steer clear.


Zevia Ginger Root Beer, reviewed by Aristophanes on 2012-09-05T23:47:26-08:00 rating 2.5 out of 10

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